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  • Jan. 18, 2017

    How to correct the bad behavior of nail-biting

    What is nail-biting Nail-biting is the child bit the nail spontaneous or its personal behavior and somebody also bit their toenails. Why they like biting nail? Nail-biting is a kind of normal bad habit among 3-6 years old children. The nail-biting is fading away when children growing up, however some will not until adult. Chiaus brand disposable diapers supplier will show you the tips

  • Chiaus Awarded Annual Popularity Baby Diapers in China

    Chiaus Awarded Annual Popularity Baby Diaper, Sincere Recommended Brand By Mothers On Parenting Website. On January 6, 2017, Parenting Network Annual Awards ceremony ended in Shanghai. Chiaus diapers series - " Platinum Soft Gold Cotton Baby Diaper” awarded the “Annual popular baby diaper” with thousands of mothers good word. Moreover, Chiaus diaper also listed in the book of [Orange Buying List- Smart Mothers Consuming Guide 2nd] produced by Parenting Website.

  • How to care for your baby in winter

    In winter, temperature is big difference in morning and night, with dry climate, children who are low immunity easily catch various kinds of respiratory disease. Therefore, parents should pay more attention for baby's healthy in winter and learn more about this aspect knowledge. Chiaus disposable diapers supplier will show you some tips below.