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  • Sep. 28, 2016

    How to do prenatal education

    Scientific prenatal education will be positive to baby's brain development,how to do the prenatal education games? Chiaus diapers manufacturer typed some suggestions.

  • How to care your baby in autumn

    In autumn, the temperature difference is big in morning and night, which is very easy for baby to ill, plus the dry weather, the baby's skin needs careful attention. Parents should pay attention to the baby's care, let the baby to adapt to the dry autumn--- suggested by chiaus diapers manufacturers

  • 7 Methods to Prevent Infantile Eczema

    Eczema is a kind of allergic disease, it happens not only because of baby’s contacting with the sensitized materials, but also related to the tender skin, thin skin cutin layer, rich capillaries, skin inside contains more water and chloride.Chiaus diapers manufacturer will introduce you 7 methods to prevent infantile eczema.