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  • Oct. 19, 2016

    How to Care for Baby's Teeth

    Nowadays the baby can eat a variety of snacks, a variety of sweets, desserts, plus milk powder before going to bed, so now there is a serious problems for baby's teeth health.We often can see the lovely babies, however,there is a mouthful of black teeth when they laugh, beautiful but also down in the second.The toothache is a terrible thing for babies. Chiaus diapers manufacturer will introduce the teeth health care knowledge

  • “Chiaus Idol” Leads New Parenting Concept

    People will know the difficulty of raising children when they are as parents. One of the most important compulsory course for modern parents is how to parenting children scientifically. Chiaus diapers manufacturer will show you some parenting tips.

  • Chiaus Got Success in Moscow Mir Detstva

    Mir Detstva is, not only a new starting point of the third-quarter trade, but an indicator of guiding the success to the market.Chiaus diapers brand is not only popular in China, but getting more and more popular in Russia. We are trying our best to promote our brand in Russia, attending Mir Detstva is one of the ways