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About Chiaus

CHIAUS (Fujian) Industrial Development Co.,Ltd., established in 2006, is a one-stop center for the development, design, manufacture and distribution of quality baby & child care products. And we are located in the famous historic and cultural cities---Quanzhou & Xiamen.

CHIAUS advocates the strategy of development multi-brands, and now there are core brand Chiaus for baby diaper,Chiaus for baby training pants, Balas for adult diaper, Spring Talks for wet wipes. There are 12 diaper lines and 5 wipe lines in total at the end of 2011. Product ranges include newborn baby diapers, adult diapers,baby training pants, wet wipes, baby toiletries, infant feeding utensils and so on, totally about 20 series, more than 200 styles. We have kept on innovation and set up the R&D Center on Jan. 2009, which offers more superior items to meet the consumers' requirements.

Our Brands

Best Baby Diaper Brand in China

Chiaus works on being professional baby care products, core item---Chiaus baby diaper,Chiaus baby training pants.

dispposable adult diaper manufacturer

Balas works on being professional adult care products, core item---Balas adult diaper.

baby wipe supplier, cheap

The wet baby wipe series of Spring talks try hard to think professional production as our development direction, innovation as the vitality for our enterprise, needs of market as our guard, satisfactions of customer as the center.