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  • Jan. 09, 2020

    Quick Get on postpartum care!

    The natural delivery of the mother can take some oral pain medication or ice compress wound. When the wound is painful, knees close together can relieve the pain. Adequate analgesia will be given within 24 hours after the cesarean section, and there is no necessary to worry about the effect of analgesics on breastfeeding. Doctors will consider this when choosing a medication.

  • Cross-Border Electronic Commerce, let the legend continue

    Up to now, the overseas distributors of Chiaus brand are spread over more than 30 countries and regions around the world, the overseas business has increased by 50% rapidly for three consecutive years. With excellent strength and a good reputation for continuous fermentation, the brand "Chiaus" has ranked No.1 in diaper sales of the domestic market. In 2018, Chiaus upgraded with the "first step of genius, Chiaus heart guard".

  • 2-Week-Old Newborn Baby|Are babies inborn myopia?

    The newborn baby is struggling to adapt to this strange environment, So, what are the characteristics of a 2-week-old newborn baby?