Cross-Border Electronic Commerce, let the legend continue

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  Up to now, the overseas distributors of Chiaus brand are spread over more than 30 countries and regions around the world, the overseas business has increased by 50% rapidly for three consecutive years. With excellent strength and a good reputation for continuous fermentation, the brand "Chiaus" has ranked No.1 in diaper sales of the domestic market. In 2018, Chiaus upgraded with the "first step of genius, Chiaus heart guard". Starting from the international vision and standards, Chiaus selected materials from all over the world to create export quality diapers, and carefully cared for the healthy growth of the baby. Under the strategic blueprint of "Chiaus Brand Goes Oversea", the cross-border e-commerce department was formally established in September 2018, which made a strong mark on the international image of Chiaus, which made Chiaus take another step to become the world's most trusted maternal and baby brand.

  The project preparation has experienced setbacks. Thailand registered companies encountered joint venture problems, domestic and foreign management approval blocked, revised the plan, again and again, review by each document. We have the courage to innovate and continue to surpass. Although the path was covered with grass and thorns, we faced difficulties. In February 2019, we officially opened the curtain of cross-border e-commerce.

Cross-border e-commerce history:
Feb. 2019: The cross-border e-commerce department was officially launched
Jul. 2019: Enter Lazada Thailand
Sep. 2019: Enter Shopee Thailand
Oct. 2019: Cooperate with Singapore Qoo10, Chiaus become the fifth diaper brand, apart from 4 global brands, who entered the Qoolife Mall, Sales of the month exceeded 1 million
Nov. 2019: Enter Lazada Vietnam
Double Eleven: Chiaus cooperated with Lazada Thailand, and three items entered the Top Selling list.
Dec. 2019: Enter Shopee Vietnam
Double Twelve: Single products became the No.1 seller of Shopee diapers in Thailand.
  We are about to greet a New Year. In Chiaus, each of our members has come into contact with a batch of customers, both joy and sorrow. Serve customers with a positive attitude——No matter how annoying: don't forget to smile; No matter how urgent: pay attention to the tone; No matter how bitter: don't forget to insist; No matter how tired: cherish yourself. Not because of love to have, but to love everything you have. The flower of success, people only admire its brightness and beauty now, but he had the bud, soaked in the struggle of tears, the sacrifice of blood rain.
  In 2020, the cross-border e-commerce is ready to go, the young team is full of high fighting spirit, creating the next legend of Chiaus!

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