• 05 Jan 2017

    4 tips of baby cough nursing

    In cold winter, repeatedly haze weather, many babies often have a coughing. Doctors said that the baby get a cough nearly 80% is caused by a virus or climate change. Except for etiology treatment, paying attention to baby care and application of diet therapy can get the effect of adjuvant therapy. Many times the baby can’t recover from a cough is because parents don’t care the baby well. Here are 4 tips of baby cough nursing from Chiaus disposable diapers manufacturers

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  • 28 Dec 2016

    How to do if children constipated

    How to do if children constipated? During growth and development, the body will change greatly, especially in the diet, an improper diet will cause constipation, parents must take measures to resolve based on the actual situation of the baby, below is the knowledge about constipation sorted out by Chiaus disposable diapers supplier

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  • 21 Dec 2016

    How to care your baby's face skin in winter

    Baby’s delicate skin is always with all kinds of situations in the cold and dry winter. The soft and smooth cheek in the usual will always become red and with small knots. If baby’s skin become tight and with small gap in the face, that means baby’s skin is cracked. How to care your baby's face skin? Here to share with you a few baby skin care methods by Chiaus disposable diapers company

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  • 14 Dec 2016

    5 tips help you solve the baby diapers leaking problem

    Baby diaper is the necessary product during the growth age, and moms have their ways to choose diaper. But mothers are still confused, why the high reputed baby diaper are leaking too? Is it because of baby too active? Or you don’t use the diaper in correct?Then, how to avoid diaper leaking? 5 tips for you from Chiaus disposable diapers manufacturer

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  • 01 Dec 2016

    9 Tips help your baby give up the pacifier

    If the baby has started learning to walk, but cannot leave the pacifier, then something needs to be done to let him forget it gradually. That’s because pacifier cannot only affect the baby's tooth growth, but may also make the baby more and more depend on it psychologically.So the following coups may help you!

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