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Many mothers are walking on thin icegingerly every time they cut their baby's nails, accidentally injuring their baby. Other mothers cut their baby's nails too short or too deep, allowing them to grow into the flesh and even cause paronychia.

★ How often does the baby's nails cut?

Baby nails grew by an average of 0.01 cm, a total increase of 0.07 cm per week. Therefore, it is usually necessary to trim the baby's nails once a week. However, when the mother finds that the baby's nail is broken, it must be trimmed at any time. But also do not frequently trim your baby's nails, not more than three times a week.
In general, the proper length of the nail is that the top of the nail is flush with the fingertip or slightly shorter, and the mother can play it by ear.

★It's best to cut your nails when your baby is asleep

Manicure time is best when the baby is not moving, so it's much safer to trim it after the baby is asleep. If the baby is awake, it is better to have two people to cooperate.

★Use baby nail clippers and nail-clippers

Baby's nails are very small, and very flexible, not easy to cut off, and the baby's skin is particularly delicate, with the general nail clippers easy to hurt the baby.Choose a nail clipper with a fast blade, a thin knife face, and good quality to cut nails or nail clippers for infants.
Generally, the top of the nail clippers is blunt, so the baby will not have to worry about getting hurt if he suddenly moves.

★ Correct posture of nail cutting

Lay the baby flat on the bed or hold the baby on your lap with your back to her and hold the baby's little hand close to your own.
If possible, ask another person to hold the baby so that he or she doesn't move around or hurt himself or herself by scratching the nail clippers.

★Methods and techniques of pruning

Separate your baby's five fingers, focus on one of the finger scissors, cut one for another, and don't grab a row of nail clippers at the same time.While trimming, hold your baby's finger with one hand and gently turn the scissors from one end of the nail rim along the natural curve of the nail with the other hand to cut the nail.Be sure to remember not to hold the scissors close to the tip of the nail, or it will be easy to cut the flesh under the nail.
After clipping the nails, use your fingers along the baby's small nail edge touch, check, found that the sharp corners must be trimmed sleek, so as not to cut the corner to the baby in the future.