The baby resists changing diapers, how to do?

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Mom and dad always have a headache when changing babies’ diapers, because they always move around, they don’t want to lie quietly at the discretion of their parents, and sometimes even cry and shout, insist on not to lie down, as if they were tortured by his family. After all, it is difficult for the mind and nature of the baby to understand the behavior of mom and dad. At this time, parents should try to give the child patience and tolerance, by diverting the child's attention to reduce the resistance of the baby when changing diapers. After all, it is difficult to understand the behavior of fathers and mothers based on the mind and nature of the baby. At this time, parents should try to be patient and tolerant, and reduce the baby's resistance when changing diapers by diverting their attention.
1. Use interesting sounds to attract your baby
Moms and dads can deliberately use exaggerated and funny tones when changing diapers to attract babies' attention and reduce their alertness.

2. Distract your baby with a favorite toy
This toy can only be taken out when changing diapers or clothes, such as music boxes or some hanging toys
3. Play your baby's favorite music
Parents should always play music before changing the diaper, rather than waiting until the baby is crying.
4. Gently explain
When changing a baby's diaper, mothers can gently explain the purpose to their baby, even if the baby is too young to understand, but also can be infected by the mother's voice.If the mother reprimand the child impaciently or to show her displeasure, the child will also feel the negative energy of their mother, which will increase the resistance.
5. Show your child's favorite program
This is also a method to distract the child's attention. Parents can start the program before changing the diaper, so that the child can change the diaper comfortably in a happy mood.