2-Week-Old Newborn Baby|Are babies inborn myopia?

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The newborn baby is struggling to adapt to this strange environment,
So, what are the characteristics of a 2-week-old newborn baby?
★Indicators of baby development
◎ Sleep up to 20 hours
◎ Pay attention to your baby's bowel movements
◎ Congenital myopia
Weight: 2.26 ~ 4.66kg for boys, 2.26 ~ 4.65kg for girls;
Height: 45.2 ~ 55.8cm for boys and 44.7 ~ 55.0cm for girls;
★ Always in sweet sleep
Mother will find that this period of the baby, in addition to feeding, bathing, most of the time in sleeping. Half a month before birth, the baby can sleep for more than 20 hours a day.
After a week of sucking and stimulating, most mothers' milk secretion is enough for the baby to eat. If they are eating well and in a comfortable environment, the baby can in a sweet dream.
★Baby's ability and behavior
The baby is born with myopia, and can only see things about 20-25 cm in front of him, so he can see your face only when you hold him tightly. Mother may not know yet. Compared to other patterns and colors, newborn babies like to look at people's faces. In addition, they are also interested in black and white patterns, strong contrasting bars and squares, because at this time they only can distinguish between three colors of black, white and red. But the mother's breast is pink that doesn't need to worry that the baby can not find it.
Babies are born with an innate sense of both sweet and bitter tastes, because the taste buds are fully developed on the tongue when mother is four months pregnant, but the response to salty food only will have until about five months later .

Babies are born to use their sense of smell and be able to find out where the smell comes from. Mother might as well pay attention to how he wrenched his little head open when he smelled something bad, like his dirty diaper. Using the sense of smell, the baby can rub against the mother's breast to find.
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